So, what is all this stuff about Moonbounce?

Fun, Space Science, Hands-On, Communications, Real deep space communications accessible in your back yard

Who are those guys?
Ham Radio Operators, who often are Day Job Science Professionals, or teaching professionals  Some are artists,  doctors, lawyers, priests, all professions.

What is  Moonbounce:
Designing, Buying, building, collaborating on building a radio station at your house,  in your back yard, at  your school, or University that can send your voice, your photo,  your keyboard activity, your spirit, literally to the Moon surface, where it hits the dirt there and some of it bounces back to earth, and can be heard, read, decoded, and turned back into voice, data, images, code, at a similarly constructed radio station anywhere on earth, that can see the moon, at the same time you see the moon..   A perfect STEM activity!

Where is Moonbonce:
Anywhere on the planet that can see the moon.  In recent times Moonbounce is borrowing large dishes that are out there, dormant,  but in functional ore repairable condition, that because of their size are out of the self build category for the individual ham, but if they can be found and permission granted for use, they transform the horizon of possible activities, from very weak, bare audible,  signals, to Clear voice, Image, and digital exchanges off the moon.

When is Moonbounce:
Anytime a suitably equipped station (either single station or station pairs) can see the moon.  There are many software programs that tell you when the moon is visible at any location, and available for Moonbounce.  If you do not have a Moonbounce partner, you can develop your station and operating techniques by bouncing your signal off the moon, and listening for the echo to return to you,  approximately 2.5 seconds later.

Why do Moonbounce:

Wow, let me count the reasons:
Fun, STEM education,  Networking with friends around the world,  Learning deeply the arts and sciences of Deep Space Communications,   Research totally new ways of 2 way communication..

How to do Moonbouce:

First, find a Mentor who has done it.   Second, return here for useful content on how to get started.     Third,  attend, presentations of this STEM, on-line conference.

Stay Tuned......  from Pat Barthelow  AA6EG,  Synergy Moon X-Prize team.

Photo below is of the SRI big dish in Palo Alto, during a Moonbounce event activity, in 2009 called Echoes of Apollo.

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Comment by Magdalena on May 25, 2013 at 12:21pm

Es muy interesante me gustaría saber más sobre el tema. Gracias por compartirlo

Comment by Patrick J. Barthelow on May 25, 2013 at 5:24pm

Here is a short video of one Moonbounce station's activities that were part of a 40 th Anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  What you are watching happens in Tasmania at the University of Tasmania Big dish set up for moonbounce.

Here is a Swiss National News coverage of the same Echoes of Apollo Moonbounce event:

And, the next year, we did Echoes of Apollo from the world's biggest dish,  Arecibo.  this is a documantary of a parking lot moonbounce station that worked Arecibo off the moon from a Parking lot in the NE USA.  It shows some of the practical tools required to build the moonbounce station;  Hammer, hacksaw, climbing belt, etc..

If you want to search for dozens of coverages of receiving Arecibo off the Moon, then 
Google   KP4AO for many local video docs of home and club stations that participated.

Another source of Moonbounce publicity is a WIRED magazine article done on Echoes of Apollo
2009 From the Big Stanford/SRI dish.

Comment by Patrick J. Barthelow on May 26, 2013 at 12:21am

Here is a photo and specification listing of Moonbouncer Stations from around the world.   As you  can see,  these are large investments of time and disposable income, for the hobbyist.  The larger dishes,   some are seen here, are what enable ground breaking developments in using Moonbounce for stem projects.   The really large dishes that are out there, are often in the 20 to 30 metre class.


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